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Article: 1688
From: Christopher Lindsey
Date: 2007-09-12 15:49:58 -0400
Subject: Sharing milter-ahead greylist?

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Is there any mechanism in place to share the milter-ahead greylist across
multiple servers or use other storage mechanisms?

Having a greylist option like the MxCallAheadDb feature would be
invaluable in our situation -- we have three servers answering email
in a round-robin from the outside world, so if one system adds an entry
to the greylist another system will add that entry to its own greylist
instead of accepting the message.  In a worst-case scenario, it could
take four tries before an email that was greylisted could get through.

Using a shared data source would obviously remedy this, allowing greylisting
to work on the second attempt like expected.

Also, is there any way to have milter-ahead just add a header or something
instead of blocking a message outright?  Being able to score based on 
headers in spamassassin is preferable because of user customization.

I'm not adverse to writing any of these patches myself if they're considered
worthwhile, either.  But if these are already planned or accounted for, 
why bother?  ;)



Christopher Lindsey          Technical Program Manager
National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

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