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Article: 1636
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-08-13 13:26:39 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-cli rules not working?

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Kevin Kretz wrote:
> My cf file is /etc/mail/cli-access.db.  I'm sure that milter-cli is 

The cf file is NOT the access.db file. The former is configuration 
options the latter access control. Are you talking the access-db option 
or the file option?

> looking at the right file, because when I rename it, it complains:
>        Aug 13 11:48:54 intmail-fw milter-cli[11429]: open error hash 
> "/etc/mail/cli-access.db": No such file or directory

Please show the options in question you have changed.

> I'm connecting from a machine at IP (changed) and am sending a 
> test message from kevin@mywork.com (changed) to kevin@kretz.net.  I've 
> tried the following cli-access tables:

I'm assuming your /etc/mail/milter-cli.cf file has the following option 


which is different from the default.

> milter-cli-Connect: REJECT
> milter-cli-To:kretz.net              REJECT
> milter-cli-Connect: REJECT
> milter-cli-To:kevin@kretz.net             REJECT
> milter-cli-Connect: REJECT
> milter-cli-To:!*kevin@kretz.net*!               REJECT

First multiple milter-cli-Connect: have no affect. They do not 
work in combination with other tags (this has been a point of discussion 
in a separate thread for a new set of tags to do combinations).

Second this "milter-cli-To:!*kevin@kretz.net*! REJECT" will not work. 
You want to say:

milter-cli-To:kretz.net		!*kevin@kretz.net*!REJECT

The left-hand-side can NOT specify a pattern, only the right-hand-side 
can contain a list of pattern-action pairs and default.

> and none of those seem to reject a mail from client to address 
> kevin@kretz.net, though it does seem to recognize the rule:

Currently no way to do this combo.

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