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Article: 1491
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-03-10 03:31:41 -0500
Subject: Re: Feedback desired about black / white listing support.

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Richard McLean wrote:
>> I suppose the real question concerning my milters is what is the most=20
>> common default _expectation_ of how RELAY should be applied w.r.t. milter=
>> s?
>>     white list and pass through (current & technically literal design)
>> or
>>     filter before relay
> I'd certainly vote for filter before relay, at least for the milters it
> makes sense for. milter-spamc, milter-link and milter-clamc for
> example would be definite filter before relay candidates here,
> milter-null and the mail format policies, 7bit for example, not
> so much.

The content (post-DATA) filters tend to be more interested in "filter 
before relay", which would include milter-null, -7bit, -date, since a 
gateway is often filtering on behalf of many others.

My impression has been that the pre-DATA policy & behaviour filters like 
milter-sender, -gris, -spiff, -limit, etc. tend prefer the white list & 
pass through.

But in the end it's a question of policy and network design. Usually you 
want to filter at the gateway in one central place where it is easier to 
control and manage, so "filter before relay" make more sense in the long 

>> Yes, but at the sake of more access.db lookups which could be a
>> performance issues on high volume sites. Does the feature warrant
>> the extra overhead?
> Is it something that could be compiled in or turned on/off? That way
> only those that need it have the extra overhead.

Well I've previously suggested an option of some sort. I just dislike 
having options in libsnert, but it is the most likely. As Derek B. often 
tells me, when in doubt make it an option and let the sys.admin decide.

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