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Article: 1424
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2007-02-06 13:31:18 -0500
Subject: Re: Per user settings

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Anthony Howe wrote:
>> If you are wanting individual recipient settings, I'd suggest that you 
>> run Milter-Sender on the main inbound server so that you have a verified 
>> sending email address to successfully bounce things to.  Then have an 
>> internal server that uses the max number of recipients per message of 1 
> Actually I've heard that sendmail supports explicit "do always" 
> recipient splitting as an option as opposed to as needed. So settings 
> max. recipients is probably unnecessary if the first stage of two is 
> told to always split recipients.

I'm not sure / don't care (for the sake of discussion) who does the 
splitting.  I was just implying that the first server should accept 
things as they come in (don't enforce splitting by failing additional 
recipients) so as to be compatible with as many MUAs / MTAs as possible. 
  Have either the first server configured to send individual recipients 
to the second server, or the second server configured to temp fail 
additional recipients thus causing the first server to resend Temp 
Failed recipients.  However it would be even better to configure 
Sendmail to speak LMTP between the first and second server so that the 
message from the first server could be transfered to the second in one 
transaction for all recipients in such a manner that the second server 
could filter and respond accordingly for each individual recipient. 
This would allow for transferring messages in <size>+<overhead> fashion 
verses the <number of recipients> * (<size>+<overhead>) that would be 
required for multiple transactions.

Grant. . . .

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