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Article: 1409
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-02-06 03:31:54 -0500
Subject: Re: FreeBSD, db1.85 and milter-bcc

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Scott Reber wrote:
> I am using FreeBSD 6.2.  I have installed db4.4.  I have configured
> libsnert-1.62 using "--enable-cache-db-185".  I  still get "failed to
> open "/etc/mail/access.db": Invalid argument" when I try to start
> milter-bcc 1.2.  Is there something I missed?

1. I dropped support for Berkeley DB 1.85 about three years ago. Use of 
it is NOT recommended, particularly for caching purposes.

2. milter-bcc does not use a cache, so --enable-cache-db-185 will be of 
no benefit.

3. LibSnert does not support mixed linking of two versions of Berkeley 
DB, which might be the issue here. Which library and headers were 
reported by the configure script?

4. If you have db4.4 install and are using it for with libsnert & 
milter-bcc, then sendmail AND makemap must be rebuilt to use the same 
BDB library. Then the /etc/mail/*.db must be rebuilt since BDB 4.4 is 
not backwards compatible with 1.85. The FreeBSD /usr/ports has the 
necessary knobs to rebuilt sendmail with newer versions of BDB I'm told.

> If I can't coerce milter-bcc to talk db1.85, how can I compile sendmail
> to use db4.4 on a FreeBSD system?  Is there a way to build a "special"
> version of makemap that uses db4.4?  Then I could use a separate db
> file.

You could build the milter using a different version of BDB, leaving 
sendmail to use 1.85 and use the access-db option to point at something 
else like /etc/mail/milter-bcc.db. However to build the .db file in teh 
newer format, you'd have to write your own script to read the text file 
and generate the .db using the correct version.

The next release of libsnert, changes a lot of this. With it comes a kvm 
(format conversion), kvmd (daemon), and kvmc (client) tools, intended 
for testing, but functional. When the next round of updates will be 
released I can't say. They're well past due and I'm being trying to get 
them all tested and ready.

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