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Article: 1289
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-11-28 03:13:36 -0500
Subject: Re: two cache-type options?

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Mathias Koerber wrote:
>> cache-type=/var/db/milter-limit.db
>>     The file path used for BDB or flatfile cache types. 
>> cache-gc-frequency=250
>>     This option specifies the cache garbage collection frequency, which is based
on the number of SMTP connections (not messages) handled by the milter. Every N
connections, the cache is traversed to remove expired entries. 
>> cache-type=bdb
>>     The cache type can be one of: bdb, flatfile, hash.
> two cache-type options?

This is a know mistake.

> Shouldn't the first be cache-file or cache-path or such?


> It seems to work for me with milter-gris, but it makes
> me wonder whether that is not just default behaviour.

The cache support in milter-gris has finally been replaced with the new 
multicast cache support and ready for testers. I have since lost my list 
of people who expressed interest in testing the new cache code when I 
first proposed it this summer. Now that I actually have something, I'd 
like testers with two or more machines running milter-gris to try this 
before the general release.

   !!	The cache code has been completely replaced, including many of
   	the options:
   		Old				New
   		cache-file		->	cache-path
   		cache-gc-frequency	->	cache-gc-interval
   	The cache is now an SQLite3 database, which allows the
	sqlite3(1) utility or similar to be used to manipulate
	individual records. It also allows for improved garbage
	collection. The garbage collection is now handled by a
	separate timer thread, which allows for predictable and
	regular behaviour.
   	The most significant feature change is the introduction of the
	multicast cache, which provides a fast, simple, and efficient
	means to share cache updates across multiple machines on the
	same network segment. The multicast cache uses a broadcast-
	and-correct model. It support IPv4 and IPv6.

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