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Article: 1243
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-11-10 11:58:27 -0500
Subject: Re: Milter-link whitelisting per recipient

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Quentin Campbell wrote:
> I relay for a domain, 'northumbria.ac.uk', and want all mail to that
> site filtered by milter-link except for a recipient who needs to be
> whitelisted. He has also requested whitelisting from the DNSBL blocking
> carried out by my Sendmail configuration.
> In /etc/mail/access on cheviot51.ncl.ac.uk I thus have:
> Connect:               RELAY
> # ...and to the domains we host
> To:northumbria.ac.uk            RELAY
> Connect:northumbria.ac.uk       RELAY
> ...
> milter-ahead-To:northumbria.ac.uk       SKIP
> milter-ahead-Connect:northumbria.ac.uk  SKIP
> milter-link-To:northumbria.ac.uk        SKIP
> milter-link-Connect:northumbria.ac.uk   SKIP

Looks fine.

> Spam:Postmaster@northumbria.ac.uk       FRIEND
> milter-link-To:Postmaster@northumbria.ac.uk     OK
> # Added at request of Debbie 11/02/05
> # Users want to receive mail from *.ja & *.kr domains
> Spam:tim.johnson@northumbria.ac.uk      FRIEND
> milter-link-To:tim.johnson@northumbria.ac.uk    OK

Milter-link-to: would have found Spam:tim.johnson@northumbria.ac.uk 
  FRIEND and used that anyway, but the above line should work too.

> So my whitelisting of 'tim.johnson@northumbria.ac.uk' for milter-link is
> not operating as I expected. The permissions on /etc/mail/access.db are:

> What is wrong with the milter-link entries in my 'access' file?

Best way to find out is turn on the debugging and fire a test through:


is what you want in order to see all the access.db lookups. Make sure 
your syslog.conf allows mail.* or mail.debug in order to see the extra 

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