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Article: 1181
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-10-13 12:47:12 -0400
Subject: Re: Unable to start milter-sender

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Errol Neal wrote:
> [root@mailscanner mail]# cat milter-sender.cf
> #
> # milter-sender/0.62.837

First rename the old milter-sender.cf file to old and generate a new 
default one, then compare them. Several options were renamed in the most 
recent release as mentioned in the CHANGES.TXT.

Generate a default:

	milter-sender -help >milter-sender.cf.default

Generate a merged. Old or incorrect options are silently ignored.

	milter-sender -help file=/etc/mail/milter-sender.cf \


	diff -u milter-sender.cf.old milter-sender.cf.merged | more

Also check the maillog for any permission errors. Most common things are:

a) old .pid file wasn't removed when the old milter was stopped.

b) access.db permissions deny the milter; see documentation Info section 
on file permissions.

c) access.db file wrong Berkeley DB format, ie. sendmail & makemap are 
linked with BDB 1.85 and milter-sender is linked BDB 3.3 or better. This 
often happens with *BSD system out of the box, since I do not support 
1.85. The /usr/ports can be used to rebuild and install sendmail/makemap 
that use the same BDB library as the milter; rebuild your /etc/mail/*.db 
files if this is the case. Try

	file /etc/mail/access.db

to see which .db file format is in use.

d) cache file permissions and/or format change. Discard and let the 
milter create a new cache.

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