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Article: 1122
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-08-29 03:26:36 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-abook: skipping Cw, adding MAIL FROM to cache

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rcgraves@brandeis.edu wrote:
> 2) I've noticed that when my smtp-authed clients send mail to other local
> addresses, those RCPT TO's end up in the abook cache. I can't immediately
> find a way to avoid that; milter-abook-To: does something else. I guess it's
> not really a problem because I can skip Cw in my SA plugin, but having
> milter-abook skip Cw would save a mutex, etc.

A milter can't really tell who's local and who's not; milters do not 
have access to classes, like $=w which contain list of local domains. So 
milter-abook will record local-to-local correspondents. It shouldn't be 
an issue, since your assigning favourable scores to regular correspondents.

> 3) I would like to give additional points iff the traffic is perfectly
> symmetric, i.e, from/to match the previous to/from. If johndoe@brandeis.edu
> communicates with some.dude@milter.info regularly, then it is likely that
> janeroe@brandeis.edu will welcome some.dude's mail, but it is near certain
> that johndoe@brandeis.edu will. The obvious way to do this would be to have
> milter-abook store both what it currently does, keyed on <email>, and tuples
> with key <authed mail from:>-<email>.

This info is not recorded in the abook cache, though it should be 
possible to modify the CacheEntry structure and macros to 
sscanf/snprintf for the extra argument.

> Is there a theoretical or performance reason you didn't do this originally? Do
> you have any interest in adding it as a feature? Something like

The original design request for the milter did not specify this as I 
recall. Also if several people in a company correspond with the same 
recipient, then the cached entry would only reflect the last local 
sender to contact that recipient. Keep a list of senders gets ugly fast.

To create per-user address books would require maintaining individual 
.db files per sender in addition to the common one. This was not pursued 
because of extra overhead and complexity and the original spec. didn't 
require it. The person who request milter-abook was more interested 
collecting a company wide email address book for records rather than 
providing some whiz-bang per user address book system.

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