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Article: 1106
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-08-21 17:06:50 -0400
Subject: Re: Is it possible to route mail with milters...

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Taylor, Grant wrote:
> While talking with someone on line a question came up.  Is it possible 
> to change route messages via a milter?  I personally do not know if it 
> is.  As I understand it, milters are primarily meant to filter messages 
> and reject or allow them to pass through.  I did not know if you could 
> modify the envelope recipient of a message or not.  So, I thought that I 
> would access the people that know more about milters than I.

Changing the envelope recipient with milters is easy, milter-bcc and 
milter-spamc do this.

Changing the envelope sender with the current milter API is not directly 
possible without some clever juggling. I've had two milter ideas on hold 
because its currently an ugly solution. There are plans for an upcoming 
sendmail revision to make this possible in an easy manner.

> My idea was to either see if LDAP routing (based on a map?) could 
> redirect based on message contents or not.  My other idea would be to 
> quarantine the message with a given code / flag / reason / message to be 
> subsequently used by a queue level parser to redirect the message.

Redirecting / copying  messages to different recipients is possible in 
several of my milters. Being able to use the sendmail quarantine 
facility or a collection box is also possible depending on the nature of 
the milter: -bcc, -spamc, -link, etc.

LDAP map support I've not implemented in my milters, but as of libsnert 
1.63 socket-map support for access-db or call-ahead-db is available and 
is a fine generic protocol that can be the front-end to a LDAP query 
daemon or similar map. I have a generic daemon and clint tools too for a 
hash, text file, BDB, socketmap. I've already asked for testers, but 
only yourself has offered to test this new facility.

> Thoughts / opinions / concerns / ideas?

When a puppy wakes you up in the night, he most certainly needs to pee ASAP.

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