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Article: 979
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-06-12 18:43:59 -0400
Subject: Re: Outbound milter-limit queue files

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Steve Campbell wrote:
> I am running milter-limit on the sending server. In other words, the 
> outbound side of the SMTP connection. How will the response, a 
> temp-fail, affect the sending of the messages that are throttled? This 
> will be a list server, and I want to throttle the outbound messages. So, 
> will the list server see these as non-delivered mail, or will the mail 
> be queued in the incoming or outgoing queues for later delivery? It is a 
> Mailman list server, and I don't want people to start getting blocked 
> due to some sort of bounce/not-delivered threshold.
> I have tried testing this myself for an answer, but have not seen 
> maillog entries for the failures or been able to find the queue files.

You probably have in your access.db:

	Connect:			RELAY

This is treated a white-list entry in the milter. To do what you want, 
you'll probably need to by-pass the general white-list entry with:

	milter-limit-connect:		SKIP

Depending on how the mailing list messages are introduced into the mail 
system, the messages that exceed the limit should be queued for later 
retries by sendmail. I can't say with any certainty, since I've never 
used Mailman nor tried this case since the common assumption is to 
always white list internal messages of the host.

I think to answer better requires further clarification of how your mail 
system is setup and the flow of mail through it. Do you have several 
systems feeding the list server? Or is all-in-one system. The former 
should be easy to handle, while the latter is unclear.

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