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Article: 967
From: Steve Campbell
Date: 2006-06-08 11:50:58 -0400
Subject: milter-limit.cf file

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I am just starting to use milter-limit. The installation refers to an 
example /etc/mail/milter-limit.cf file, which was not installed. I would 
like to get a feel for the format of this file, please. Should it be 
something like:

p later v info
-p later -v info

or what? Maybe parameters on separate lines? This is just a guessing game 
right now.

I have tested and the second appears to be proper, but are there any other 
things that go in this?

Posting the sample might be nice.

As a side note, I tested using my account, placing a limit of 1 message per 
10 minute period. I then sent myself 2 messages. The log file indicated 
proper trapping, but said "Rejected". About fifteen minutes later, I 
received the second email. Can someone explain, firstly, if "reject" is 
displayed when the email is to be later delivered, what is the timing of the 
retry and how it is configured (is this the sendmail retry), and where the 
message is queued until redelivered? I am guessing that the message receives 
a new msg ID, but I didn't explore this until after the message was 
delivered. My main concern is that I would like to use this on a mailing 
list to limit the output. If these are queued somewhere other than the 
normal df/qf files, should I allow for the extra disk space or anything like 

Thanks for any help. I have been googling for an answer, but haven't hit the 
right words yet. I have found the post and response of Jan./2006 on the 
archives, but the similar question was not answered specifically.

Steve Campbell
Charleston Newspapers

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