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Article: 921
From: SirWumpus
Date: 2006-05-09 10:58:09 -0400
Subject: Re: Milter-Report v0.8 Strange Behavior...

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(Originally from Grant Taylor)

> Well you could have changed your report schedule to something like every 
> half hour or two hours or something a lot shorter, since the patch 
> concerns logging of aborts after the the final dot and nothing to do 
> with the actual schedule handling. Surely you get enough mail to be able 
> to observe/monitor the results over a shorter period.

*nod*  I could have made the change and I will for future testing.
However when I patched / recompiled / installed / restarted, I just used
the command line that I have been using.

>> I had noticed that if I started Sendmail or Milter-Report with in the
>> last 24 hours (report cycle?) I would get the Undelivered Mail
>> Reports like I would expect.  However out side of the initial 24
>> hours / report cycle I would not get any reports except for my one
>> account (postmaster) that would fill it's buffer and said report
>> would not be on the report cycle either.
> I don't follow what you're saying? Do you think there is a bug here or 
> you just making a statement of fact?

I don't know for sure, probably more statement of what I believe to be
fact.  I have not restarted Sendmail or milter-report for over 32 hours.
  I did receive reports for multiple recipients yesterday like I was
expecting.  However this morning I did not receive reports for any one
but Postmaster, the same as I have been getting.

> Try -v info,debug; there are some extra maillog info. The scheduling 
> sets the reports to go off at specific times, not after specific 
> intervals. Its more cron like in behaviour.

*nod*  I'll do this in the next couple of days.  I would like to make a
couple of more tests to see if my above statement still holds true with
the patch applied.

> Yes. So? Its the milter itself that has its own timer thread. Sendmail 
> has no effect on the report schedule. Unless you restart the milter, 
> there there should be no problem. Even if you restart the milter, its 
> should recompute and set at what time the next report is due.

*nod*  I'm merely stating what I'm observing.

Grant. . . .

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