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Article: 914
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-05-04 11:24:22 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-sender force greylisting on verizon.net

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Steffan Vigano wrote:
> Hello there....  we are getting hammered by forged addresses from the 
> verizon.net domain.   Unfortunately, we do have a fairly large number of 
> legitimate users sending in from legit @verizon.net addresses.   
> Currently, it seems that verizon does not deal well with the null sender 

Have you tried MxCallBackAsPostmaster=1 option.

> probe from milter-sender so I had to put an accept entry into my 
> access.db in order to get the handful of legit email to come through.   
> Thereby opening the floodgates from the rest of the garbage.   Is there 
> a way with milter-sender that I can disable the return address check, 

Disable the return address? You mean the sender's address @verizon.net? 
You could try installing milter-gris and then do:

# By pass milter-sender for the sender's address you WANT to grey list.
milter-sender-from:verizon.net	OK

# Make sure the sender's domain is grey-list processed.
milter-gris-from:verizon.net	SKIP

# By-pass milter-gris for all other senders.
milter-gris-connect:		SKIP
milter-gris-from:		OK

> but force a greylist response for this domain?   I'd have to think that 
> it would slow the flow a bit.

milter-sender does not have the ability to selectively apply different 
tests to different domains.

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