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Article: 877
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-04-03 10:11:30 -0400
Subject: milter-clamc experimental -K option

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FYI milter-clamc, which I released just released, has an undocumented 
experimental option:

   -K kilo    how many KB to pass to clamd, 0 for unlimited (default)

When specified, the number of KB given is used to compute how many 64K 
chunks of the message body to pass to clamd. (Why 64K chunks? its a 
sendmail/libmilter protocol thang.) This is similar to the -K option 
used by milter-spamc.

The idea here is to reduce overhead and improve performance by only 
sending enough of the message to clamd to identify mail born virii. Most 
mail born virii and worms tend to be around 45K give or take the size of 
the bait text and/or images.

The default is to scan the entire message and depending on your clamd 
settings, archive (.zip, .rar) attachments. But how often are really 
large messages going to be infected compared to current crop of critters 
beating at the door.

Anyways, its there if people are interested in trying it. Note that its 
experimental and undocumented, because I'm not sure what sort of impact 
giving an incomplete message or chopped attachment would have on clamd, 
so please bear that in mind.


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