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Article: 842
From: Panagiotis Christias
Date: 2006-03-02 07:50:00 -0500
Subject: Re: Oi! I upgraded to milter-ahead/1.1 and it no longer calls-ahead!

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On 3/2/06, Anthony Howe <achowe@snert.com> wrote:
> With the addition of B/W support into milter-ahead/1.1 an unintended
> side effect has come to light, which may require the following general
> default entry in access.db:
>         milter-ahead-to:                SKIP
> This will in one line tell the milter to ignore the To: or plain domain
> RELAY/OK entries which trigger white-listing and thus by-pass the
> call-ahead. Alternatively use more specific tag lines like:
>         milter-ahead-to:example.com     SKIP
> where required.
> Depending on how annoying this issue becomes, I may have to change the
> B/W behaviour to ignore by default RCPT TO: white listing to restore the
> original 1.0 behaviour and add an option to turn it on when needed.
> Comments?

Confusing? The 1.1 behaviour works perfectly for our setup but on the
other hand we used the milter-ahead/SKIP syntax from the first moment
1.1pre-something was available.

These are our entries in the access file regarding milter-ahead (they
are the first lines in the file):

# apply milter-ahead to inbound mail
milter-ahead-to:ntua.gr                           SKIP
milter-ahead-to:friend1-we-relay.gr               SKIP
milter-ahead-to:friend2-we-relay.gr               SKIP
# whitelist outbound mail
milter-ahead-connect:our.ipv4.address.space       OK
milter-ahead-connect:IPv6:our:ipv6:address:space  OK
# apply milter-ahead to whitelisted peers for other reasons (rbls)
milter-ahead-connect:                             SKIP

The rest of the access file remains untouched and that is a good thing.


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