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Article: 831
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-02-26 02:51:54 -0500
Subject: Overloading access.db (was Re: Re: milter-sender & milter-ahead

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> I'm not sure what are you talking about but since you mentioned the
> access.db file for W/B lookups here are some late night thoughts of
> mine. IMHO, using the sendmail access file to define the behaviour of
> various milters (our experience includes milter-limit and
> milter-ahead) can be a frustrating up to traumatic experience.
> Sendmail defines its own access policy in that file and it can be
> complicated enough by itself alone. Adding new keywords in the same
> file sounded like a good idea in the beginning but letting them
> interact with the standard sendmail keywords creates potentially
> a mess.
> I would strongly prefer that the milters had their own configuration
> file(s) and in several cases some more flexible options (I'm referring
> to milter-limit at this moment).

The reason for using access.db to support B/W listing vs using a 
separate configuration file for such things is to avoid duplication of 
similar and related information in multiple files.

I found from experience that having to replicate B/W listing entries 
across three mail related applications (sendmail, SpamAssassin, 
procmail) to be really annoying and error prone (forgetting to update 
one of the files, different syntaxes). I found that its easier to keep 
all the information concerning a domain and/or IP grouped together.

Now in the cases of milter-limit, milter-length, and milter-bcc the 
nature of their information is not B/W related in nature and could have 
been placed in a separate file. The reasons for using Sendmail access.db 
was to take advantage of existing code libraries used by my other 
milters, to keep information centralised, and maintain a consistent 
design for similar options across my milters. Sendmail itself has 
overloaded access.db with many tags for different purposes (Connect:, 
From:, To:, Spam:, GreetPause:, ClientRate:, ClientConn:, etc.).

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