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Article: 785
From: Skip Hayes
Date: 2006-01-09 15:26:14 -0500
Subject: any documentation for using /etc/mail/milter-limit.cf ??

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I'd be using /etc/mail/access to config the milters but until I get that
problem solved I'm attempting to use the milter-limit.cf method of
milter tuning... though I can't seem to figure out exactly what format
and method I should use to make it.

"Once installed and configured, start milter-limit and then restart
Sendmail. An example startup script is provided in
${prefix}/share/examples/milter-limit/milter-limit.sh. The default
options can be altered by specifying them on the command-line or within
a /etc/mail/milter-limit.cf. The milter-limit.cf is parsed first
followed by the command-line options."

My question is: can someone give me an example
/etc/mail/milter-limit.cf please? Or explain the
config file format and method for creating it?

Let's say here's what I put in /etc/mail/access
to configure milter-limit for testing:

milter-limit-Connect:127        -1/1
milter-limit-Connect:192.168    2/60
milter-limit-Connect:default    3/60
milter-limit-From:default       2/60
milter-limit-To:default         2/60

I do mod my sendmail.mc files and m4 them into sendmail.cf, is
that how I"m supposed to create these milter-x.cf files?

Thanks for the help!  -s

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