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Article: 757
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-12-09 08:07:30 -0500
Subject: "Wake Up!" - Just in time for Xmas - Snert milter updates & something

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** milter-error 0.1 (beta) released **

milter-error is the latest Snert milter, which counts the number of 
aborted message transactions from SMTP clients. If a SMTP clients 
exceeds the permitted threshold, then subsequent messages or connections 
will be tagged, rejected, or discarded while the record remains in the 
cache. Intended as a simple means to detect and block dictionary 
attacks. The milter cache contents are saved as text strings so that 
they may be processed easily by scripts or programs to generate lists of 
suspicious IP addresses that can be then used for example in a firewall 
if desired.

** Find the corner in a Roundhouse - update **

Roundhouse has been updated to 0.2. As previously mentioned, this is not 
directly milter related, yet it might prove handy if you want to start 
testing Sendmail X along side Sendmail 8 with the same data stream 
during some up coming migration. Most notable fix was in the socket.h 
file for a #define ordering problem on many *nix boxen. Also AUTH LOGIN 
is now correctly supported.

** "Wake Up!" - Just in time for Xmas - Snert updates **

Well I've been a busy lad. Plugging away at bug fixes and some minor 
enhancements across the whole range of my milters. The most notable 
changes have been LibSnert, such as a new Socket2 API that provides IPv6 
support (moved from Roundhouse into the common code base). With the 
exception of milter-sender and milter-spamc, all my other milters and 
socket oriented code now use Socket2. Milter-sender and -spamc using the 
Socket2 / IPv6 code will be available in January, maybe before if I get 
sometime during the Xmas holiday period.

Other significant LibSnert updates include two important bug fixes for 
the DNS client code used by milter-sender, -siq, -ahead, and -spiff.

A new test for invalid TLD domains has been added to the B/W listing 
code checks used by majority of the milters.

The SPF code has had several fixes so milter-spiff has been updated too.

The documentation for all the other milters have been updated to reflect 
some previous LibSnert changes with regards to B/W list support used by 
many of the milters. See the -f option concerning regex support and NEXT 

However, one of the most significant changes concerning existing 
installations for all the Snert milters has been the switch from 
/var/run/milter-* to /var/run/milter/milter-*. This places all the 
milter .pid and .socket files in a directory that has the proper 
privelages for the milter processes. Its also more tidy.

Seasons greetings to everyone.


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