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Article: 738
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-10-23 04:08:57 -0400
Subject: Re: Roundhouse - available?

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Geoff Steer wrote:
> More than happy to act as a tester for beta code. I have a test server
> (IBM x306 running sendmail 8.13.5 under Centos 4.1) just waiting for a
> purpose in life. Testing milters against 800K messages a day would make
> it very happy :-)

Well you'll have a chance later today to bring happiness to a computer.

> Not currently running STARTTLS or AUTH so no problems there.

Roundhouse will handle AUTH, which can be used without using STARTTLS. 
AUTH with DIGEST-MD5 is normally sufficient security to login and hide 
the password. STARTTLS is really only needed to handle brain-dead 
Outlook & Outlook Repress clients that only support LOGIN (or was it 
PLAIN) clear text method. Mozilla, Thunderbird, and Opera all support 
the more secure AUTH variants.

STARTTLS channel encryption/decryption gets tricky. I decided not to 
implement it at this time in Roundhouse, since it has all I need to test 
multiple SMTP servers at one time with live data. So I punted and pass 
the STARTTLS and the rest of the session through to the primary 
(production) SMTP server only when required.

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