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Article: 696
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-08-15 09:15:52 -0400
Subject: It was like riding a cork over a waterfall, sir. -- Many milter updates

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LibSnert 1.50 is now available. It is HIGHLY recommended update for all 
SnertSoft milters as it corrects a problem with access.db update 
detection that can crash most of the mitlers. Reported by Joe Matuscak.

This version of LibSnert also adds some new B/W possibilities in 
access.db using patterns used by most of the SnertSoft milters. 
Requested by Grant Taylor.

milter-limit/0.6 now available with default limits for unspecified IP, 
host, MAIL, and RCPT entries (Requested by Jeremie), plus new -n option.

milter-cli/0.5 now available with an enhancement that allows a CLI to 
interleave recipients and X-Milter-CLI-Report header lines in the
output from the CLI for copy and redirect return code. Handy for adding 
comments to headers as to why a message was copied or redirected.

milter-gris/0.11 now available. When sendmail & libmilter are built with 
-DSMFI_VERSION=4, which enables xxfi_unknown and xxfi_data command 
handlers, then the temporary fail is defered until the DATA command is
sent. This allows for better handling of call-back systems like 
milter-sender. Based on a suggestion from Claus Assmann.

milter-report/0.3 now available with some minor bug fixes.

milter-sender/1.4 now available with several bug fixes and enhancements. 
Most of the enhancements pertain to MxCallAhead; a command line version 
of the call-back code, and some changes to grey-list handling.

milter-spiff/0.4 now available fixed a critical circular reference bug 
and adds options -R and -S.

Most of the other milters have had their documentation updated to 
reflect the LibSnert 1.50 enhancements for B/W list processing.


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