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Article: 679
From: barryc
Date: 2005-08-02 11:56:29 -0400
Subject: [DYNDNS] Re: Re: sender question

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Here's a block of pseudocode that might better elucidate what I was trying to 
get at:

RECV_COUNT = get_number_of_received_headers();

if (RECV_COUNT == 0) 
    * Assume my Received header has not yet been attached. 
    * Otherwise, we'd also have to check the first (most recent) header 
    * to see if it's ours
   if ( client_has_smtp_auth() )
   else if ( client_in_relay_domains() )
   else /* some random computer is connecting to me directly */
    * I am not the first mailserver / relay to touch this message.
    * this block COULD get ugly, depending on exactly what you want it to do.
    * I'd actually be happy just with what's above

Anthony Howe wrote:
>When a milter is called to process a header, I don't think the server's 
>own Received header has yet been added. 

I THOUGHT that was how it worked, but like I said, I was just comparing what was 
making it to my inbox.

>> 2) Sanity: Consider the following two hypothetical adjacent headers:
>> Received: from (mailserver.domain1.com[]) by (...) ...
>> Received: from (...) by mailserver.domain2.com ...
>> And mailserver.domain2.com resolves to
>I think this thought is incomplete. What I'm I looking for in this case?
>Are you thinking the from-by in adjacent headers should match?

That was the idea...
Or at a minimum that a WHOIS query to ARIN/RIPE/APNIC show that they're at least 
in the same netblock.

>Consider the case where one server has several processes like an 
>AV-gateway, a spam filter, and an MTA. I would see three different 
>Received headers possibly with different name/IP for the host. 

Relaxing the requirement to machine names in the same domain / IPs in the same 
netblock would accomodate that situation.

>Also some 
>sites, like a university will relay through a smart host, which might 
>not have a public IP address.

Once you encounter a private IP, all bets are off. If that happens, your best 
bet is to pass the message and let the other milters decide what to do with it.

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