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Article: 662
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-07-27 14:35:23 -0400
Subject: Re: disable milter-gris/spamc scanning for relayed

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Marcus Sobchak wrote:
> Thanks for this nice answer. I'm running an old version of milter-spamc 
> (0.25.32). Does the SKIP flag work with this version too?

Yes it should.

> My next question belongs to milter-ahead: how do I enable milter-ahead for 
> just a few domains on the machine. Some domains on the server are delivered 
> localy and some domains are relayed to another host. I'd like to check only 
> those domains, which are relayed to other host, but don't want to put 
> something like "Milter-ahead:localdomain.com  SKIP" for each local domain

First off, that wouldn't work, since milter-ahead does not act on B/W 
listings (well the most recent version does use milter-ahead-connect: in 
relation to the -m option, but thats not been released yet) in access.db.

So the current version of milter-ahead only tests a direct route given 
by sendmail from mailertable, where a direct route is defined like one 
of these:

	example.com	esmtp:[]
	example.com	esmtp:[machine.example.com]

So any host not in the mailertable or is a general route:

	example.com	esmtp:sub.example.com

would be ignored.

> the access file (because most of the domains are localy and I want to keep 
> the access file short).
> Thanks,
> Marcus

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