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Article: 661
From: Marcus Sobchak
Date: 2005-07-27 13:30:10 -0400
Subject: Re: disable milter-gris/spamc scanning for relayed domains

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On Wednesday 27 July 2005 08:03, Anthony Howe wrote:
> Now if you want to tell Sendmail to relay BUT tell the milters to do
> their job then you'd say something like:
> # Tell sendmail to relay, which would normally white list
> # lists through my milters.
> To:domain.com                   RELAY
> # Then for each Snert milter, short circuit the access lookup,
> # which will allow the milter to ignore the white list and
> # continue doing its job.
> Milter-Gris-To:domain.com	SKIP
> Milter-Spamc-To:domain.com	SKIP
> In the content only fitlers, like -spamc, if you specify REJECT instead
> of SKIP, this should permit the scan. However in a pre-DATA filter like
> -gris a REJECT action would reject the recipient. For this reason SKIP
> is more consistant, though the token name might not be clear (which is a
> sendmail choice not mine).

Thanks for this nice answer. I'm running an old version of milter-spamc 
(0.25.32). Does the SKIP flag work with this version too?

My next question belongs to milter-ahead: how do I enable milter-ahead for 
just a few domains on the machine. Some domains on the server are delivered 
localy and some domains are relayed to another host. I'd like to check only 
those domains, which are relayed to other host, but don't want to put 
something like "Milter-ahead:localdomain.com  SKIP" for each local domain to 
the access file (because most of the domains are localy and I want to keep 
the access file short).


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