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Article: 660
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-07-27 02:03:40 -0400
Subject: Re: disable milter-gris/spamc scanning for relayed domains

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Marcus Sobchak wrote:
> how do I disable milter-gris and milter-spamc for a domain, which is relayed 
> to an internal sendmail (= That's what I think:
> /etc/mail/access:
> To:domain.com                   RELAY

The above line should be sufficient to white list a domain through my 

> Milter-Gris-To:domain.com       OK
> Milter-Spamc-To:domain.com      OK

These are just insurance.

Now if you want to tell Sendmail to relay BUT tell the milters to do 
their job then you'd say something like:

# Tell sendmail to relay, which would normally white list
# lists through my milters.

To:domain.com                   RELAY

# Then for each Snert milter, short circuit the access lookup,
# which will allow the milter to ignore the white list and
# continue doing its job.

Milter-Gris-To:domain.com	SKIP
Milter-Spamc-To:domain.com	SKIP

In the content only fitlers, like -spamc, if you specify REJECT instead 
of SKIP, this should permit the scan. However in a pre-DATA filter like 
-gris a REJECT action would reject the recipient. For this reason SKIP 
is more consistant, though the token name might not be clear (which is a 
sendmail choice not mine).

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