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Article: 647
From: Taylor, Grant
Date: 2005-07-08 02:23:19 -0400
Subject: Re: Problem (mis-configuration?) with Milter-Sender (v0.62)

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I ended up finding my own problem a few weeks back.  I had the file permissions on the
milter-sender.cf file too open and permissive.  At present I'm running 0644 and not having
any problems at all.

Anthony, I'm not sure if there was an error in the log file or not for the permissions on
the cf file being wrong or not.  If there are no such logging functions you might think
about implementing them.

Thanks again for a very good product.  Now to get my company to anny up the money for the
newer version...

Grant. . . .

Taylor, Grant wrote:
> Removal...........: milters-request@milter.info?subject=remove
> More information..: http://www.milter.info/#Support
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Hi, I'm having a problem with Milter-Sender (v0.62) in the fact that I'm not able to
tune the GreyListRejectCount the way that I want to.  Namely I'm having a problem setting
the GreyListRejectCount to any value higher than a single digit, or at least that's what I
think is happening.  I've been ""fighting this problem for a while on my server
as a low priority type issue.  Well apparently others in my company have decided that it
is more important.  I left the default value of 4 (if memory serves) for a good while >
6 months.  Recently we have been getting emails from a company (university) that is
insisting on sending multiple times a minute which will easily role over 4 in 10 minutes
(default grey list duration).  I have tried increasing the GreyListRejectCount value to 20
and was seeing people get the ""rejected, too many retry attempts message after
2 retry attempts.  Thus I thought there was a chance that Milter-Sender might have only
been honoring the first digit of 
> e number so I set the value to 9 in an attempt to get higher than 4, but this still
is not high enough for our needs.  Are there any known problems with the
GreyListRejectCount?  If you need any additional information please let me know.  Seeing
as how my milter-sender config is very close to default (other than the
GreyListRejectCount) I have not included it.
> Grant. . . .

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