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Article: 635
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-07-01 17:04:17 -0400
Subject: Re: Sargent Slaughter! Report! New milter-report utility.

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Adam Gibson wrote:
> I am curious how this works.  Does it somehow communicate with milter-* 
> milters to obtain this information or parse logs?  I assume it does not 

To commuicate with milter-* milters requires modifying sendmail to 
create a new macro {smfi_dsn} which I have been experiementing with.

> parse logs otherwise why would it need to be a milter.

It does not parse logs.

> This sounds much more useful than the logwatch module i was working on 
> for milter-sender.

As milter it its informed of the sender, each recipient, headers, and 
body. As a milter I remeber the interesting bits and ONLY IF the message 
is aborted (RSET, QUIT, dropped connection) do I cache the information 
for a future report. I then have an independant scheduled thread that 
sends reports at specified times.

The same can be done with some sort of cronjob that parses & filters 
maillog, though you might not get the message Subject in most cases. I 
did it as a mitler because I could and felt it was more adapted to the task.

> Thanks for this milter!

My pleasure.

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