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Article: 553
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-05-12 06:59:36 -0400
Subject: Re: Default behavior in milter

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Oleg M. Golovanov wrote:
> Is it possible in future version to make the default behaviour of milter
> choosable in parameters - for example - OK for default
> and passing through milter by setting it personally for individual email
> (i.e. inverse approach)?

Huh? That doesn't read very well. First which milter? I have 10 milters 
now. The default behaviour of the milters are modifiable already through 
command line switches and in milter-sender's case a configuration file.

In the next release of all 10 milters, I've already implemented .cf file 
support for each one, where the command-line options can be specified in 
  in a separate file instead of the startup script.

Individual user milter options outside of B/W listing will probably 
never happen. Individual user options are not easy to do in any milter. 
Mail gateways often don't know who the local users are unless 
call-ahead, YP, or LDAP is in place. When mail is sent to more than one 
user on the same system, who's profile is to be selected to descide 
policy (one user might reject, another tag, another discard, and one 
accept); in most cases you can drop the user from the recipient list, 
but there are some edge conditions that pose problems.

Some milters, like milter-siq, only work on the connection IP and 
sender's domain at that point in the SMTP transaction, so doesn't even 
know who the recipient(s) might be the moment its doing its work. 
(Milter-sender does have to Defer options.)

In the case of milter-spamc, the problem is particularly difficult, 
because spamd only accepts one user profile to score the message against 
and no I would not send the same message multiple times to spamd giving 
a different user each time, its just not practical on a high volume system.

I think about the only form of individual choice is to opt-out of the 
postmaster's mail filtering policy by milter or globally. Something like

	milter-NAME-to:spamlover@example.com		OK

which is milter specific, or:

	to:spamlover@example.com			OK

which is global to all my milters.

> It is more required in commercial systems then the default behavior to 
> filter.
> Oleg Golovanov

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