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Article: 448
From: Alexander Dalloz
Date: 2005-04-01 14:56:01 -0500
Subject: Re: How to whitelist a domain in milter-sender?

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Am Fr, den 01.04.2005 schrieb Ryan Moore um 20:26:
> That should work I would think, however you don't need to restart the 
> processes in order for them to read the access.db, they'll detect 
> changes on the fly. Are you sure milter-sender is hitting the access.db? 
> You could enable debug logging and it'll output the queries to the db, 
> if you don't see any database queries then there is an issue with 
> milter-sender reading it perhaps. Sendmail and milter-sender must be 
> linked to the same version of BDB as well.
> Ryan Moore

> > mail from: <root@server1.domain.com>
> > 553 5.4.4 <root@server1.domain.com>... 'server1.domain.com' lookup 
> > failed: DNS name not found
> > 
> > and the error in maillog is:
> > 
> > Apr  1 12:49:39 mail sendmail[21639]: j31HnZ8t021639: Milter: 
> > from=<root@server1.domain.com>, reject=553 5.4.4 'server1.domain.com' 
> > lookup failed: DNS name not found

I see a DNS error from DNS misconfiguration or lacking configuration and
nothing caused by a milter (access_db) setup.


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