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Article: 388
From: Ryan Moore
Date: 2005-03-15 16:59:59 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-sender gets 550 when mx misunderstands as

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Scott Presnell wrote:
> No, you understand correctly... but in this case it's not an intentional
> deception, its a misconfigured MX server (I know the e-mail to be
> legitimate).
> I was looking for a work around for the case where it's a "relay denied"
> (in the same way there's a work around for "they're blocking our IP")
> as opposed an affirmative denial based on the user "no I don't know that
> or "user adminstratively deined"
> I guess I'll hammer on the remote postmaster some more. :-/
> 	- Scott

This is the same scenario as 'lame server' in a BIND/named concept. 
You're probably better off just whitelisting the misconfigured remote 
system rather than disabling the check and in turn letting in other bad 
emails when the callbacks get the 'relaying denied' error.

Ryan Moore
Perigee.net Corporation
704-849-8355 (sales)
704-849-8017 (tech)

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