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Article: 328
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2005-02-12 02:15:59 -0500
Subject: Re: Ilegal instruction error when executing milter-ahead

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Aaron Berg wrote:
> First off I want to thank you for your patience. Milter-ahead compiled 
> after runing make clean build.
> After setting up the socket directory and setting permissions, modifying 
> the sendmail.mc and setting up a startup script I am getting the error 
> "Illegal instruction". This doesn't seem to be an application error 

Not sure, not heard of this before.

You said earlier that you were using gcc 3.2. You have not said what OS 
and whether its a single CPU or SMP kernel.

It might be related to this:

As of gcc 3.4 the -fvolatile option was removed from gcc and they claim 
it may have never worked correctly in the gcc 3 series. If you have 
autoconf installed, remove all references of -fvolatile from the 
configure.in scripts for both the library and the milter:

	cd com/snert/src/lib
	mv configure.in configure.in.orig
	sed -e 's/-fvolatile//' configure.in.orig >configure.in
	autoconf -f
	make clean build
	cd ../milter-ahead
	mv configure.in configure.in.orig
	sed -e 's/-fvolatile//' configure.in.orig >configure.in
	autoconf -f
	make clean build

The next release of my milters have already applied similar changes 
(actually the configure.in scripts have had major overhauls).

> because I can't find "Illegal instruction" when I grep the source unless 
> its in one of the compiled libraries.
> Maillog only gives the PID/GID that milter-ahead tries to execute with. 

You saying that the milter gets only as far as displaying the process 
pid and gid then goes boom? You don't see the versions and copyrights? 
Have you increased the logging (-v all) for more details?

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