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Article: 181
From: Gib Gilbertson Jr.
Date: 2004-10-18 21:04:07 -0400
Subject: [SIQ] 027 Sendmail errors

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I've installed Sendmail 8.13.1 on a test FreeBSD 4.10 box. I have added 
Milter-ahead, ClamAV-Milter, and FEATURE(`greet_pause',`90000') plus all 
the usual features, access.db, mailtertable, virtusertable, etc. and ran m4 
to generate a new sendmail.cf file. I then tried to start Sendmail.

After trying to start Sendmail I get an error message as follows:

554 5.0.0 /etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 591: milter_set_option: invalid 
Milter option macros.eom

I comment out the line in sendmail.cf

    O Milter.macros.eom={msg_id}

and Sendmail starts fine, and seems to operate as it should. I've done a 
google search trying to find an answer to this question and can't find any 
messages stating other people are having this problem.

The only thing that doesn't seem to be working is the 
FEATURE(`greet_pause',`90000'). Could this be related in some way to the 
problem? Incompatability between Milter-ahead and greet_pause?

Any ideas?




      Gib Gilbertson Jr.
     Tierramiga Info Systems
      619-287-8647 Support
      San Diego's "Friendly ISP"

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