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Article: 171
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-10-18 13:22:35 -0400
Subject: Re: socket error on FreeBSD 4.10

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Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Running milter-sender/0.61.833 and LibSnert/1.39.618 - which are the
> current ports on FreeBSD 4.10 - I have a problem with the milter socket.
> The socket file exists and mail is properly treated by Sendmail 8.13.1
> and milter-sender. After a couple of hours I see in my maillog
> Oct 18 10:00:27 noc sm-mta[29749]: i9I80Rjn029749: Milter
> (milter-sender): error connecting to filter: Connection refused by
> /var/spool/milter-sender/milter-sender.socket
> Oct 18 10:00:27 noc sm-mta[29749]: i9I80Rjn029749: Milter
> (milter-sender): to error state

Please upgrade to milter-sender-0.62 and libsnert-1.40. It addresses 
this. I wouldn't wait on the next FreeBSD port.

> The socket does exist though!

Its most likely the milter is hung or crashed, because of the BDB 1.85 
based cache. Its a know issue that I have not found a solution for other 
than to implement the hash/flatfile cache as default for *BSD. Also 
there have been other improvements with 0.62.

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