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Article: 166
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-10-18 11:58:06 -0400
Subject: Re: How Can I get around this?

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Upwood, Jim wrote:

> This Mainframe is sending e-mail with the from as this:

OK. I've found the syntax in the RFC 2821 grammar:


Looking at `Path' and `A-d-l', it does appear valid and that I've 
overlook it (believing it to be obsecure rare cases). Its actually a 
form of routed address syntax. Looking at the Bat Book:


Would imply send mail to A, then A will relay to B, B to C, and C 
handles final hop to D. This is similar to:


Both are forms of relaying syntax, similar to the old bang-paths. I can 
certainly parse it, BUT for certain milters like milter-sender, it might 
be impossible to perform a call-back directly to VMMAIL@LBDC.STATE.NY.US 
as it might be "guarded" by LBDRSCS.LBDCVM.STATE.NY.US.

The question I have to deal with is for milter-sender is: Do I try and 
call-back on the ultimate destination, knowing it will fail and fallback 
on grey listing, or do I connect to LBDRSCS.LBDCVM.STATE.NY.US and test 
if VMMAIL@LBDC.STATE.NY.US is accepted? Imagine a spammer that says:

	MAIL FROM:<@spam.biz:bogus@bogus.com>

Instead of doing the MX lookup on `bogus.com', I'm suppose to do it on 
`spam.biz'. Essentially you are being directed to call-back to a machine 
probably setup to say "yes" to all queries.

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