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Article: 147
From: Jose Nathaniel G. Nengasca
Date: 2004-10-08 21:23:44 -0400
Subject: Adding address to whitelist

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i have already add a certain an email address to be considered as a
legitimate email address on the access.db(From:bir_admin@bir.gov.ph ACCEPT]
but it seems milter is not accepting it

Oct  9 09:47:50 ezekiel sendmail[9080]: i99DjFZ4009080: Milter:
from=<bir_admin@bir.gov.ph>, reject=450 4.7.1 MX 10 'mailsvr.bir.gov.ph.'
[] for <bir_admin@bir.gov.ph> rejected address saying
"<bir_admin@bir.gov.ph>: User unknown in local recipient table"

thanks in advance...

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