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Article: 120
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-10-03 03:21:15 -0400
Subject: Re: White & Blacklisting milter-spamc

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Anke Breeuwsma wrote:
> I use milter-spamc.0.25, and I want to do white & blacklisting in access.db 
> I want to:
> * whitelist all e-mail send from inside my domain going out
> but 
> * blacklist (filter) it when the recipient is inside my domain
> I've tried to put this in the access.db to get it working:
> Connect:my.domain.nl		OK	

OK. White list connections from your network (going out). If you are not 
using SMTP+AUTH, then you might want RELAY instead for sendmail.

> To:my.domain.nl		OK

OK. White lists mail to your domain from outside.

> Milter-Spamc-Connect:my.domain.nl	OK	

This has no change on the Connect:my.domain.nl OK above and so is redundant.

> Milter-Spamc-To:my.domain.nl		REJECT

Overrides the white-listed mail to your domain from outside and filters.

The problem is when mail from someone@my.domain.nl sends to 
me@my.domain.nl, then the Connect:my.domain.nl OK will have priority 
over Milter-Spamc-To:my.domain.nl REJECT and never get filtered.

If you want to filter mail within your domain could try changing to:

	Milter-Spamc-Connect:my.domain.nl	SKIP
	Milter-Spamc-Connect:my.domain.nl	REJECT

This will tell milter-spamc to ignore the Connect:my.domain.nl OK 
setting. So mail from your network and/or to your domain will be filtered.

Hmm. There may be a slight logic issue in smfAccessMail() and 
smfAccessRcpt(). A OK/RELAY will set a whitelist/by-pass, but a negative 
setting, REJECT/ERROR, does not explicitly clear the skipMessage flag. 
Instead it behaves currently like SKIP leaving the flag with its current 
setting. Normally this is fine, but since the *Connect tags are checked 
first they and cal set skipMessage true, there is no way to override 
this from other tags.

I must think about this, if smfAccessMail() and smfAccessRcpt() should 
explicitly set skipMessage false if it sees REJECT/ERROR. These routines 
are used by the majority of my milters and so I have to make sure this 
doesn't break anything.

> Debugging looks like this:
> [mail.debug] checking "/etc/mail/access.db" for
> [mail.debug] checking "/etc/mail/access.db" for
> [mail.debug] access DB key="milter-spamc-to:my.domain.nl"
> But it doesn't seem to work, those e-mails are still whitelisted.
> So, does anybody know how to deal with this, or am I trying to do something
> TIA,
> Anke Breeuwsma

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