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Article: 71
From: Frank Heydlauf
Date: 2004-09-22 17:12:15 -0400
Subject: [SIQ] 020 [LFN14080312] milter-spamc setup generating false positives

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Hi folx,

half a year ago we discovered a false positive problem caused by the
milter-spamc setup described in 
(formerly http://www.snert.com/Software/milter-spamc/)
Sadly I did not get a reaction from Anthony when I wrote him - now
try again using the new list he subscribed me.

| The report headers inserted by milter-spamc are:
| X-Spam-Flag      Boolean "YES" or "NO" as to whether the message is

That causes the problem. In the default Spamassassin 
config the X-Spam-Flag tag is only set, when the message
is classified as spam - and is complete absent if the
message is ham.
This is to prevent a spammer from setting "X-Spam-Flag: no" 
by himself and bypass client side filters.
The clients (as we and probably many others do) filter for
the existens of X-Spam-Flag. If it's set - with "Yes" or "no" 
or whatever - the message is treated as spam.

Therefore I strongly encourage Anthony and the whole list
to change the documentation and settings to prevent other
milter users running into false positives.

Best regards
Frank Heydlauf 
  | |____   LF.net Netzwerksysteme GmbH 
  | |____>  Ruppmannstrasse 27       Heydlauf@LF.net
  |____>    D-70565  Stuttgart  fon +49 711 90074-37
    |_|     http://www.LF.net/  fax +49
711 90074-33

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