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Article: 65
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-09-21 17:46:02 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-sender problems

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Sebastian Wiesinger wrote:
> Hi I installed milter-sender today on a Linux/Debian system(sendmail
> 8.12.3-6.6 [Debian]) and have a few problems with it, perhaps someone
> can explain them:
> 1. milter-sender doesn't react on SIGQUIT signal, I have to kill it
> with SIGKILL.

This was recently reported by Mike Boev. It appeared when I added the 
smfMainStart() routine in LibSnert 1.36. It has been fixed in 1.41, to 
be released sometime soon.

> 2. It doesn't write information to the cache file. (bdb is selected,
> file is created, but no data is inserted into it)

This I cannot answer. How BDB handles its writes I do not know. It 
should happen when the milter is stopped or at predetermined intervals. 
I've not asked Keith about it.

> 3. For some domains milter just doesn't do greylisting, without an
> obvious pattern... (they are not in the sendmail access_db or
> somewhere else)

The grey-listing is a secondary technique only used when the call-back 
technique results in an indeterminant answer. This of course assumes 
your setting of MxAcceptsAllAction is one of the four grey-list 
variants. Also consider, has the domain past a previous challenge 
successfully and therefore been cached only to spam afterwards. 
Grey-listing cannot stop a spammer that plays by the rules.

I would need some example domains to test against and/or log extracts in 
order to determine what is doing wrong, since its unclear to me why it 
would by-pass otherwise. If its a cache related problem, then you might 
have to go back a far bit in time to figure it out.

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