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Article: 22
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2004-09-15 05:12:51 -0400
Subject: We now return to our normally scheduled programming...

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I'd like to bring two threads to conclusion, which I've allowed people 
to express their positive and negative views about:

a) As to setting up the initial list's subscription without everyone's 
rubber stamp on their address, I'm sorry. I was saving a lot of extra 
steps and time, figuring everyone who I have had prior contact with 
concerning my milters would at the very least have enough understanding 
and ability to remove themselves from the list of their own accord 
(expect for those with multiple addresses that require my intervention 
to sort out).

b) As for the commercial vs open source debate, I think I've heard most 
sides of the debate and yes I have seen Stallman talk on the subject. I 
haven't made my final choice yet and I'm still collecting responses from 
the survey. After that I'll be talking with my family and maybe 
investors as to where and what to do in the coming future.

For the time being, my software remains unchanged as voluntary shareware.

So if everyone is in accord, I'm going to moderate the list now in line 
with its purpose: postings related to milter support issues and 
enhancement requests.

I thank everyone for their prior support and contributions. I hope it 
will continue into the future.


Anthony C Howe                                 +33 6 11 89 73 78
http://www.snert.com/       ICQ:
7116561         AIM: Sir Wumpus

            "Once...we were here."  - Last of The Mohicans

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