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Article: 101
From: Nats
Date: 2004-09-26 21:04:21 -0400
Subject: filterClose() error

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I have milter installed on a Whitebox Linux with Berkeley-4.5.1 and
sendmail.8.13, but i have this problem which i encountered..

Sep 26 04:04:13 localhost milter-sender[8220]: filterClose(): internal
error, null wo
Sep 26 04:04:13 localhost sendmail[14539]: i8PK4DmR014539: Milter
(milter-sender): wr
ite(D) returned -1, expected 208: Broken pipe

I have re-installed it again but this time using Berkeley-4.5.2 but still i
have the same problem...

Hope someone could shed light on this...

Thanks in advance

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