What is spam?

If you use of electronic mail, then you may have noticed a growing number of unsolicited messages promoting products, get rich quick schemes, money scams, etc. These unwanted messages are referred to as «unsolicited bulk email» (UBE), but are more commonly referred to as «spam». Those who send out this endless stream of electronic bit rot are typically called «spammers». SnertSoft provides a variety of anti-spam milters.

What is sendmail?

«Sendmail» is the probably the first, the oldest, and best known mail server package. It comes bundled with many systems from Sun, Debian, Red Hat, OpenBSD, and others. Sendmail, Inc. sells an enhanced mail server suite using sendmail and sponsors the maintenance of the open source version.

What is a milter?

A «milter» is the term coined by the Sendmail folks for their mail filter library and interface used to create add-ons for the sendmail server. There are many third party milters ranging from anti-spam & anti-virus to utility & accounting milters. SnertSoft provides a large collection of commercial and free milters. SnertSoft can also do custom milter solutions and enhancements.

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